How To Facetune A Picture

Photograph manipulation involves the transformation or alteration of a photograph using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results. Some photograph manipulations are considered to be skilful artwork, while others are considered to be unethical practices, especially when used to deceive the public. Facetune is a photo app to retouch any selfie and achieve some spectacular results. Take a photo straight from the app interface and retouch it in seconds, or add effects to photos from your gallery. Using the different tools in Facetune is very simple.

  1. How To Brighten A Picture On Facetune

Facetune is a popular editing app to use for giving a makeover to your pics on PC. The app really makes your pictures stand out and provides it a professional touch. It comes packed with multiple filters and editing tools to choose from. This makes editing especially simple and at the same time convenient.

The app transforms any photo taken on mobile drastically. Created by Lightricks Ltd, the app is available for free on Play Store and Apple App Store.

And having Facetune on PC is only going to make editing even easier. Unfortunately, the app is not ready for computers yet. Luckily, there is a simple way to get the app on Windows and Mac devices.

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Contents free photo editor, Best photo editing software. Facetune is known for its price ($3.99) and deceptive feature-enhancing tools. But it has several sections that can enhance a boring background too. But it has several sections that can enhance a boring background too. As Gizmodo writer John Herrman pens, the fancier the camera, the better you'll look in the picture: 'Telephoto lenses are usually seen as more flattering, giving the impression that the subject is flattened, and slightly compressing the width of your foremost features, like your nose or breasts.

Download Facetune for Windows

  1. Most of the android users must have come across the app given its popularity. The
    app can be downloaded from Play Store on your Windows devices as well. But you
    will need an emulator first.
  2. An emulator is a simple piece of software. It replicates the interface of one
    device onto another. Which means, you can replicate the interface of your
    smartphone onto your computer. This lets you download apps like Facetune
    on Windows PCs without a hitch.
  3. There are multiple emulators available on the internet right now. For the ease
    of demonstration, we have picked Bluestacks. It is a free, fast and reliable
    software. Visit the official website of Bluestacks, to get it.
  4. Following the download, install Bluestacks on your device. Accept the terms
    and conditions and follow the installation process. Before launching the app, it
    will seek your permission to restart your device. This is a regular request and
  5. Bluestacks will be ready for use after your device has been rebooted. Search
    for Facetune and download the app.
  6. Check the downloads folder and install the app. Once installed, you will be
    good to go.

Download Facetune for PC(Mac)

Getting the app for Mac users is simple as well. All you will be needing is an iOS
emulator installed on your device.

  1. As we have discussed earlier, an emulator replicates the interface of
    one device onto another. With an iOS emulator you can use apps for
    iPhone and iPad on your Mac.
  2. One of the most reliable emulators for any Mac device is iPadian. It is a
    free app that is perfect for apps and games. The emulator resembles
    the interface of your iPhone and is therefore easy to use.
  3. After downloading and installing iPadian, launch it and visit the App
    Store. Keep in mind, you will have to log in the first time you visit there.
  4. Punch in your Apple Id and password and App Store will be ready for
    you. Search for Facetune, and download the app on your PC.
  5. Go ahead and install the app on your device. Once done, the editing
    app will be ready for use.

How To Brighten A Picture On Facetune

Features of Facetune for PC

  • Every picture could go with a bit of editing. The app is an excellent tool for editing
    and adding glamour to your pictures.
  • It has a simple interface and can be used effortlessly. This makes using its
    multiple features easier than ever.
  • The app comes with several different editing tools. The app can be used to
    broaden your smile or whiten your teeth. You can smoothen your screen or
    remove imperfections from your face or skin. The app can temporarily gloss
    over them.
  • Change the colour or shape of your eyes. Paint your hair to your choice, turn
    it gray or blonde. Cover up patches or change the style of it. Enlarge specific
    sections of the photos or add fun shapes and styles.
  • Get a helping hand to edit your jawline or nose. Add a bit of blush or eye
    shadow and some extra lashes to your eyes. Give volume to your lips or
    improve the lighting of the picture.
  • Add filters and change the focus of the photos. Highlight the best defined
    parts of the picture, rotate, mirror your image or add attractive frames.
  • There is also the option to create your own filters. Edit and customize the filter
    that best suits you. If not satisfied with the edit, scrap it or redo it. Share the
    results with friends.

Similar Apps


Fotogenic is perfect for individuals obsessed with getting the perfect picture. The app
offers lots of free features to change the quality of any photo radically. Change the
shape of your face, make it leaner or highlight your features. Beautify your pics,
clone or add tattoos. Change the colour of your screen, hair or eyes and add filters
before sharing the pics with your friends.


How to hack clash of clans in rooted android. The Pixlr app is there to help improve the original photo. With an easy interface, fix
the blemishes effortlessly. Smoothen your skin, remove dark circles or just apply
simple repair works. Remove those annoying red eyes or make your smile that much

brighter with the app. Get tanned in your photos without ever having to step out or
remove those bothersome acne. The app is there to mend all wrongs.



The Selfix app is best suited when used for selfies. Does not matter whether your
picture is out of focus or that lightning is not correct. Selfix can fix them all. Enjoy
pictures where you can remove pimples with a click or add details to your eyes.
Change its shape, size or colour. The app edits brow, imparts filters and smoothens
skin. It is a sure fix for everything.

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